Where hunting trophies meet high-tech

Digital menus at Forsthaus Limberg

Below the castle ruins on the Limberg in East Westphalia, the hotel and restaurant guest enjoys the idyllic setting of the Forsthaus Limberg in the forest. Already in the 19th century, hikers and guests were entertained there by the respective resident forester family.

For 25 years Wilhelm Deeke has been running the traditional house with passion and attention to detail. Various antlers, as well as taxidermy of badger, fox and Co. underline the cozy charm of the inn. The offer is complemented by a store for high-quality wines, spices and game dishes from own production.

Combining tradition and modernity

This rustic ambience now meets a modernization of a special kind, digital signage for gastronomy. Each table is equipped with a digital display based on ESL technology. Currently, the 4.2-inch signs welcome the guests. Mr. Deeke can change this display independently at any time using a smartphone or computer. The restaurateur already has some initial ideas: “Up to now, we have informed our visitors about daily recommendations or seasonal offers by printing out additional cards. That costs time and, of course, paper every time. I can very well imagine presenting this information via the displays in the future.”

In addition, Mr. Deeke is pleased to present his store in a new light. Where previously laminated paper signs attached with adhesive tape provided information about the goods on offer, digital signs now also take over this task. “Everything looks much more modern right away. I’m curious to see how our guests react to the change. Most of them are 60+ and probably not yet that familiar with these technical innovations.”

No fear of digitization

A software application takes over the management of all digital labels in the restaurant. It makes it possible to edit the displays or create them from scratch and then send them to the displays. After a short briefing, the host, who is not very tech-savvy, is confident. “The software is easy to understand. Especially the possibility to scan the signs with the cell phone makes it really easy.”

What does not fit is made to fit

The store shelves in Forsthaus Limberg were initially set up with displays on pedestals. In the course of the setup, however, it became apparent that the housing detracted from the special advantage of the clear legibility of the labels. Added to this were doubts about the stability of the labels when goods were removed. Both points led to a clear conclusion: the labels must continue to be fastened to the shelves in a crash-proof manner.
Without further ado, an alternative fastening for the displays was discussed, of which Mr. Deeke is enthusiastic: “The team understood this problem, discussed it with me, made suggestions and a solution was quickly found: I get custom-made mounts.”

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