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Digital welcome at Hotel Quellenhof Lübbecke

At the start of the year, there was a big change at the Quellenhof Lübbecke: With Ralf Deeke, the hotel and restaurant got a new operator who wants to let the quaint half-timbered building shine in new splendor.

Antonia Sudbrack, the hotel’s experienced manager, previously ran a large hotel in Munich. She has many ideas for the stately half-timbered building on the outskirts of Lübbecke. So far, 10 of the 24 rooms have already been renovated; the other rooms will follow in the next two years. In addition, a new floor for the restaurant and an overhaul of the website are planned.

Digitization in the hotel room

It was already very easy to replace the previous laminated paper signs in the rooms, with which the guest is invited to a water. From now on, the modern displays from matizze will be here: digital signs, also called ESL (electronic shelf labeling). Ms. Sudbrack can design these as she likes and flexibly adapt or vary them at any time. At the moment, the labels look “simple and modern,” much better than the old-fashioned paper signs, as Antonia thinks.

One label, many possibilities

She already has further ideas about what she will implement with the digital displays in the hotel: She would like to personally greet guests by name in their rooms. Luckily, matizze makes it easy to establish the necessary interfaces to her booking system so that this will happen automatically at the push of a button in the future. In addition, Christmas is approaching in leaps and bounds: “I can well imagine using the displays as advertising space for our festive offers, for example.” The great thing is that the labels can be redesigned or changed quite easily via a PC or smartphone. This does not even require entering the rooms. In this way, a guest could find the WLAN password on the display before going to bed in the evening, whereas in the morning the label tells him what the weather forecast is for the day or what menu of the day awaits him in the restaurant.

Time is money, especially in the hotel business

Antonia sees another advantage in the ease of use of matizze. Within 45 minutes, she had her displays set up and already distributed in the rooms. Since her workdays are very full and there is always a lot to do, the use of digital signs in hotel operations must be possible without taking up a lot of time. “The matizze.studio, where I can edit the layout of the displays, makes a very simple impression on me. Plus, I can just experiment around a bit without breaking anything.”

And now it’s your turn!

Are you also curious about matizze? Then take a look around the website or create your first own designs directly in matizze.studio. Let’s go!

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