matizze. For all industries that want to start into a digital future

In all areas that currently rely on paper signage and awards, digital solutions can realize tremendous potential savings and efficiencies.

  • Where and how often do changes and replacements need to be made?
  • How many employees are involved in keeping all signage permanently up to date?
  • How often do errors occur in the process?
  • How much time and money is invested in this?

Use digital displays regardless of industry

No matter what industry or business you want to use digital signage in, with matizze you have a variety of options.

Digitale Warenpräsentation

In retail you use matizze as:

  • Digital goods label
  • Digitales price tag
  • Interactive information platform
  • Central management of offers and special prices
  • Automated update system
Digitale Getränkekarte

In the restaurant you use matizze as:

  • Digital menu
  • Digital table sign
  • Digital table reservation
  • Interactive food and beverage menu
  • Happy Hour management
Digitales Zimmerschild

In the hotel you use matizze as:

  • Digital information platform (e.g. at the reception desk)
  • Digital room sign
  • Individual greeting of the guest in his room
  • Digital buffet sign
  • Interactive communication with services
Digitales Büroschild

In office and room management you use matizze as a:

  • Digital door sign
  • Digital table sign
  • Digital room occupancy display
  • Digital meeting organizer
  • Digital calendar display


By using digital merchandise or price tags, retail companies gain more flexibility, productivity and precision. The simple and centralized control of all displays in the store runs in real time or scheduled. Individually or globally, the desired information can be created or modified at the touch of a button and presented on the desired display on the shelf within seconds.


Digital signage is suitable in the hotel industry for reception, bar, restaurant, rooms and other areas of the house, such as wellness. Important information can be published quickly and easily. Centrally controlled, without much effort and exactly at the right time.


Restaurants use digital displays on tables to draw attention to reservations and present seasonal or daily specials. Important information can be published quickly and easily. Centrally controlled, without much effort and exactly at the right time.

Office and room management

Especially in industries with changing room and space usage, flexible and networked signage offers significant added value by eliminating time-consuming and error-prone work steps. A booking received or entered in the system is immediately checked by the system for overlaps, assigned to a room that meets the specifications and saved. Changes or information can be added in real time.