Digitales Cocktail-Angebot

matizze. Modern gastronomy with system

It doesn’t take much to put a restaurant in a completely new light. ESL technology not only simplifies day-to-day business many times over. The independence from paper-based offer cards also enables a high degree of spontaneity and flexibility.

Modern ambience in the digital restaurant

Convertibility, flexible placement options and the appealing appearance make digital displays an ideal companion in the restaurant business of the future.

Digitale Getränkekarte

Mr. Mat Izze runs a good middle-class restaurant and hall business. Since he started working with digital displays, things have changed.
He can now identify reserved tables without anyone having to go from table to table. Mr. Izze can manage the digital labels located on each table on his smartphone. Since he can control each label individually, the display for each table can be changed individually. So if numbers of people change at short notice, he can assign the reservation to a different table size. If new requests or cancellations come in, he can update the displays on the tables immediately. All unreserved tables display a nice welcome to the guests.
Once everyone is seated at a table, the label is updated with the current daily or seasonal specials. This saves Mr. Izze from having to print out an insert in the menu over and over again. To save his guests waiting time and relieve the waiters, the digital table cards also display a QR code that opens an online food and drink menu. This allows guests with smartphones to place orders or reorder drinks at any time without having to wait for the waiter. This offer is particularly well received by its guests under 40.

For celebrations in his hall, Mr. Izze can use the same displays over and over again and customize them according to the wishes of the hosts. Whether it’s individual place cards to welcome guests, place cards, or to showcase the evening’s menu. Later, the same signs can be updated with the midnight buffet.

When the restaurant visit becomes an digital experience

In addition to your culinary service, offer your guests other special reminders of their visit to your establishment. Digital display technology not only enables spontaneous offers and quick reactions to special situations, but also interactive and personalized communication with your guests.

Customer-oriented and spontaneous acting – advantages of digital display technology

  • Reduce manual effort
  • Save time and costs
  • Central control and planning
  • Fast updating
  • Modern appearance
  • Customer-centric individualization
  • Adapt content and prices spontaneously
  • Reduction of subjective waiting time through dynamic content