matizze. Customer service goes digital

Electronic display technology is no longer a dream of the future in the hotel industry. Not only a modern appearance speaks for the digitalization of this industry. Above all, the innovative possibilities offer a big plus.
How would it be to be able to look after every guest in a service-oriented and individual way and even save resources in the process?

The hotel of the 21st century is interactive

Particularly in the hotel industry, there are many differentiated areas of application for digital signage, which pays off especially well due to its versatility.

  • Reception
  • Hotel rooms
  • Conference rooms
  • Restaurant
  • Bar
  • Wellness area
  • Shops

Different areas require different information. Since the displays are available in various sizes and can be permanently installed as well as transportable, they can be used as needed.


Restaurant / Bar

  • Welcome at the reception
  • Prices and special offers
  • Events in the hotel
  • Services
  • Signage of the rooms
  • Personalized greeting in the room
  • Information transfer to the room
  • Food and beverage menus
  • Menu / buffet plans
  • Happy Hour
  • Daily and seasonal offers
  • Reservations
Digitales Tischschild

Mr. Mat Izze, for example, is the hotel manager of a mid-range city hotel in a central location. Both the culturally and touristically interesting city, as well as the well-located location of his hotel, provide him with international clientele.
Mr. Izze is particularly proud of the multilingual greeting at the reception desk. Since he has been using a digital display there, which his employees update to the guest’s language in a matter of seconds immediately after greeting him, he has reaped many surprised faces and enthusiastic looks.
Upon arrival at the room, the sign placed there has already been provided with the guest’s name and a nice greeting. Since Mat Izze attaches great importance to transparently presenting the hotel’s services and the city’s advantages to the guest, he had previously placed large folders with information material in every room. What a horror for his service team to check these over and over again for integrity and completeness and, if necessary, to put them in order. Not to mention the guests, who thought the whole folder was something to take away. Now there is a permanently installed display in every room. This also shows a QR code, which provides the guest with a comprehensive information platform – including an individual selection of desired information, which the guest then receives on his display in a timely manner. This could be, for example, the weather forecast for the next day, the evening menu in the hotel restaurant, the time of housekeeping or the times of the excursion buses.

Mr. Izze is just as convinced by the use of digital labels in his restaurant and hotel bar.
At the breakfast buffet, guests are particularly pleased with the display showing how long it will be before the empty product is refilled. He has also often received positive feedback regarding the information on allergens contained. Wipeable protective sleeves for the labels facilitate hygiene at the buffet.
As place cards, the displays initially indicate reservations. Once the associated guests have taken their seats, they are greeted personally and then made aware of the day’s specials. This saves Mat Izze from having to print out the menu inserts every day.
The bar in particular has seen an increase in sales since the bartenders started using the digital options. They orient themselves to the guests present and control the displayed offers according to the visitors’ drink preferences. In this way, they succeed in expanding the guests’ orders. And, of course, they also have fun watching a change build up on the display.

Every guest an individualist

How does a stay in a hotel become unique and unforgettable? When the guest feels comfortable and remembers being well taken care of and looked after.

He gets this feeling when, although he is one among many, he is treated individually.

Acting customer-oriented and efficiently – advantages of digital display technology

  • Eliminate manual exchange of information
  • Reduce costs
  • Avoid incorrect or delayed information
  • Central control and planning even without on-site presence
  • Fast and timely updates
  • Modern appearance
  • Personalized customer approach
  • Individual design options
  • Various mounting and installation options