Digitales Schild im Schuhgeschäft

matizze. Redesign selling

Innovative price labels with digital displays offer entirely new ways of doing business. ESL technology helps increase store efficiency and even diverse assortments can be easily managed thanks to the associated software.

Retailing digitally – Market leadership in transition

In the market of the future, time-consuming product labeling through the printing and manual application of paper labels will become superfluous. Prices, product information, etc. are managed centrally in the system solution, signs are individually designed and updated at the push of a button.

Mr. Mat Izze, for example, is the branch manager of a retail chain and, with matizze, has the opportunity to set the new weekly offers directly on the PC via data upload and to update the corresponding signs in the store scheduled for the next morning. During the subsequent walk through the store, he notices that the apples no longer look appealing. He decides to offer them at a lower price and, as a further incentive, he wants to integrate a QR code that provides customers with some recipes featuring apples. Mr. Izze can do all this directly on site with his smartphone. He then discovers a large quantity of chips and bagged soups in the warehouse that will soon reach their best-before date. In this case, too, he can act immediately. But after he adds a Special Offer to the chips’ digital price tag, his phone rings. An employee, who now has much more time for merchandise presentation due to the elimination of paper labels, wants to coordinate with him the promotional setup for the upcoming promotional merchandise. After that, he has already forgotten about the bagged soups. It is only when he gets home that he remembers. No problem, even from here he can dial into the software application and reduce the price of the bagged soups in the store.
All these spontaneous changes can of course be transferred to the POS system just as easily. Who likes to have dissatisfied customers because the pricing of the goods on the shelf does not match the billed price at the checkout?

Offer customers a shopping experience

Digitales Preisschild

In addition to the more modern appearance of the store, the clientele can be offered a more appealing presentation of goods and more time for individual consultation.

Enhanced display functions can provide customers with additional information that can be accessed, for example, through interactions with the smartphone. Ratings, test results, ingredients, etc. bring online shopping experiences to the on-site store.

Targeted and flexible retailing – advantages of digital display technology

  • Printout on paper and manual attachment to the shelf is no longer necessary
  • Minimize error rate
  • Reduce costs
  • Central control even without on-site presence
  • Update offers and promotions on schedule in seconds
  • Integration into the POS system
  • Electronic price labeling possible for each product
  • Highlight offers by changing the design
  • Mounting options for any type of sales floor