matizze. Organize room usage digitally

Offices and meeting rooms can be centrally controlled and kept up-to-date with digital signage. Gone are the days of manual replacements when staff change or a meeting is disrupted because it lasts longer than planned after all. Just a quick click in the system and the change is played on the externally mounted display.

Always perfectly informed with digital room signage

Rooms that are used by different groups of people or where there is a lively change of interlocutors can be organized optimally with digital signage. Important information or changes are automatically updated in seconds.
These areas benefit from signage with digital displays:

  • Office buildings
  • Conference and meeting rooms
  • Public buildings
    • Government offices
    • Colleges / Universities
    • City halls
  • Social facilities
    • Nursing homes
    • Residential homes
    • Hospitals
    • Medical practices
  • Festivity halls
  • Cinemas

Different areas require different types of information. Since the displays are available in various sizes and can be permanently installed or set up for transport, they can be used as needed.

Office buildings

  • Name and role of the employee
  • Availability status
  • Absence and break times

Conference and meeting rooms

  • Organize multiple uses
  • Keep schedules up to date
  • Display scheduling sequences

Public buildings

  • Name and role of the employee
  • Availability status
  • Information about events

Social facilities

  • Individual door labels for residents
  • Notes about room usage
  • Table signs (e.g. seating arrangements)

Digitales Tischschild

Mr. Mat Izze has opened a business incubator where he rents offices as well as provides meeting and conference rooms. In order to show the usage of each room in a transparent and flexible way, he decided to install digital displays. His previous experience with non-existent or paper-based room signage or set-up flipcharts as a meeting information medium reinforced his decision. He wants to provide a modern and well-connected building where everyone can quickly find their way around. He also places particular emphasis on conserving resources, both in terms of time management and materials.

The occupation of the individual offices, the affiliation to companies and the current or scheduled meetings can be centrally edited and updated at any time thanks to the digital display technology. Mr. Izze can adapt the signage of the rented offices entirely to the wishes of the tenants. Company logos, photos, QR codes for booking appointments, etc. can be shown on the displays.
When Mr. Izze takes care of the organization of conference room use with different events on one day, he stores the time sequence in the system. The data is then updated automatically at the specified time. If spontaneous changes occur, they can be updated at any time in a matter of seconds.

Personalize rooms

Show already outside the room who is active there in which function. In addition, it is easy to show whether the person is currently unavailable and does not want to be disturbed or whether access is desired.
Changes in room usage, e.g. due to personnel changes or restructuring, can be easily updated on the display assigned to the room.

Efficient planning and up-to-date information – advantages of digital display technology

  • Avoid incorrect or delayed information
  • Central control and planning even without on-site presence
  • Fast and timely updates
  • Modern appearance
  • Various mounting options
  • No power connection required