matizze. ESL is more than a paper sign replacement

Take a big step towards the future with paperless presentation.

The electronic E-INK paper displays not only convince with a clear display. They function completely wirelessly, i.e. without power, and are thus completely free in terms of placement. The energy consumption of the integrated battery is extremely low, as energy is only required for the few seconds of change in the display.
Various stands, wall mounts or shelf mounts allow you to create a presentation just the way you want it.

How the digital presentation works

The interaction of several components makes matizze a harmonious complete solution.

The Gateway

The gateway is integrated into the network by simply plugging it in. Once the gateway is connected, you can use the software or the app to control the gateway and manage your integrated labels.
As a connection between the server and the software, a gateway controls up to 65.000 integrated displays.
The easy installation and the fast wireless transmission of the data should be emphasized.

Gateway zur Labelsteuerung

Gateway zur Labelsteuerung
Digitale Preisschilder

The Displays

The labels / displays are the output module for the representations created in the software application ( Based on ePaper technology, texts, images, bar and QR codes can be clearly displayed and changed at any time in seconds.

In addition to different display sizes (currently 1.54 inch, 2.13 inch, 2.9 inch, 4.2 inch and 7.5 inch), there are also various mounting options available. This allows matizze to be adapted to the individual requirements of any industry.

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The Software

The software manages the gateways and displays both as a desktop application and as an app. No matter if on site or off site, only a connection to the Internet allows on the one hand the administration and monitoring of the integrated modules and on the other hand the creation, editing and updating of the display displays.
Interfaces not only allow data imports, such as price lists, to be linked directly to the displays. There is also the possibility to integrate displays of different manufacturers.

Diverse presentation possibilities

The way the signs are fixed or installed can be adapted to the individual requirements of each company. Should the standard offer not fit your ideas, we will find a solution together. Custom-made products, such as brackets for various shelf systems, are also part of our repertoire.

Which matizze version suits you and your ideas?

In the, you can choose between two starter pack variants. Each contains a matizze gateway including 3 displays in different sizes. Of course, you can also get additional displays and brackets there to equip you with everything you need for your digital signage.
If you can’t find exactly what you need in the store, please feel free to contact us.

matizze sunshine – The automated solution


You will receive E-INK paper displays that can display the colours black, white and red. These are available in the following 4 sizes: 2.13″, 2.9″ and 4.2″.
You can find this starter package in the at a price of 299,99€.

matizze Sunshine allows you to start your matizze experience without preconfiguration. Even without IT experience, you can easily set up matizze on your own.

How it works:
All you need to do is connect the gateway to your router using the cable provided. It will then automatically connect to the matizze server. Once you have set up the gateway and labels in the matizze studio, you’re ready to get creative.

matizze sunrise – The manual solution

Digitale Label für die Warenauszeichnung

You will receive E-INK paper displays that can display the colours black, white and red. These are available in the following 5 sizes: 1,54″, 2,13″, 2,9″, 4,2″ and 7,5″.
You can find this starter package in the at a price of 338,99€.

matizze Sunrise is configured by us in advance.

Important data for the configuration

  • The gateway needs a free IP address in your network
  • The IP address of your router must be created in the gateway

How it works:
You provide us with your IP addresses so that we can pre-install them for you.
Once you have connected the gateway to your router, you can set it up in matizze studio and manage it along with the embedded labels.

Start with matizze

Create an account at to use the full scope of the application. The display editor is available there for you to try out without registering.

To get started, all you need is a gateway and displays. These are available in the

You can download the mobile app here.