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Digital product information in the bed studio

Directly at the busiest intersection in Bünde is the bed studio “Das Bett”. Business owner Klaus Opitz has been running the company for over 20 years and already has some experience in modernizing his business and making it more customer-friendly. The bed specialist not only focuses on sleeping comfort, but also on forward-looking digital display technology.

Bettenstudio nutzt digitale Warenauszeichnung

Digital support saves numerous work steps

Kunden digital informieren

His latest achievement is called ESL – Eletronic Shelf Labeling. In order to label the prices and specific product features of his high-quality box spring beds, he would like to dispense with the self-printed cardboard labels pinned to the beds in the future. The decision in favor of the digital displays in the store was made mainly for two reasons: On the one hand, day-to-day business in the bed studio is often very eventful and Mr. Opitz wants to be able to react quickly. If a manufacturer changes prices, he would also like to be able to adjust them on a daily basis. On the other hand, producing the awards on cardboard always involves a lot of effort: The “normal” printer paper has to be replaced by the thicker paper; then the information to be changed is adjusted manually on the PC; the labels are printed out; then the appropriate label is assigned to each bed, the old labels are removed and the new ones are pinned. Not to forget that after that, of course, the printer paper must be replaced again, so that the normal business correspondence is not printed on the cardboard, then thrown into the waste paper, only to print it again after the error is noticed.

Adjustments also outside the store

In the future, Mr. Opitz will simply be able to pick up his cell phone and adjust the signs via app if he wants to make changes – easily and without having to get up from his desk. Of course, the new displays can also be edited elsewhere online, via a PC, tablet or laptop, the only important thing is an Internet connection. From now on, Mr. Opitz can even change the info on his digital signs from his sofa at home, thanks to the cloud service.

Fear of contact gives way to enthusiasm

At first, the new technology was still a bit strange for him, the managing director admits. However, after seeing how easy it is to install and edit the signs, he is confident: “My employees and I will quickly get used to using the displays and then we will permanently save time when changing our awards.” Now Mr. Opitz is eager to see how customers react to the new technology at his facility.

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