How retailers are coping with global price changes

Once upon a time, a temporary reduction in value added tax

Far and wide, many wholesalers and retailers and their employees were annoyed because the discounted prices were difficult to integrate into their POS systems. For many, this measure, so generously intended by the government, meant additional stress and short-term overtime. Oh, how the employees ran through the aisles handing out thousands of new paper tags. Many a customer stood in front of the shelves and wondered about the new price tags, some of which were handwritten, or the large stickers on the shop windows that read that a flat three percent would be deducted at the checkout. In all this chaos, a team of creative entrepreneurs came up with an idea: There must be a simpler way! They had a vision: price tags that update automatically. Employees who are not stressed even in uncertain times. And customers who are happy about correct and clear signage. The savior in need was christened matizze. Businesses across the country rejoiced at the solution to their problems: From now on, as if by magic, their price tags changed with just one click, according to their wishes and needs. With matizze, they no longer had to worry about the coming renewed changeover of the value-added tax and could make their signage much more lively. So managers, employees and customers lived happily ever after.

Quickly change prices with digital price tags

Nowadays, price changes are usually still associated with time-consuming extra effort. This summer, the statutory reduction in VAT cost wholesalers and retailers a lot of nerves. At least: some customers were happy about low prices in a troubled time and the buying mood increased at least slightly. Sales nevertheless remained within the usual range. So there was no immediate advertising effect for retailers.

Did you also have to deal with the implementation of the VAT reduction in your company and were you already dreading the reversal? Then it’s high time you got to know matizze, the extremely practical ESL system!

Digital technology for visually appealing price tags

Electronically created, digital price displays are appealing with their clear, easy-to-read typeface. They contribute significantly to the attractive presentation of merchandise. Electronic Shelf Labeling (ESL) has become the standard for digital price labeling in retail. No wonder:

  • Digital labels look like printed paper.
  • The contrast between the price and the background on digital price labels is excellent.
  • Different viewing angles as well as direct sunlight do not affect the optical display.
  • Digital price labels are easy on the eyes.

matizze defines the goods labeling with prices and other information once again completely new.

How digital display technology is revolutionizing your price tags

Electronic shelf labeling based on the matizze system gives you total freedom over your price labels. In addition to matizze labels, you can integrate and control displays from other manufacturers or brands. Become the designer of your labels: Make your choice in from numerous ready-made templates and edit them according to your ideas. Or create your own template. Your price tags will be as individual as you or your company.

Connect the matizze gateway to the matizze server via your router: Simply plug it in and you’re there. From now on, you can conveniently create, edit and manage all your label content in the cloud. Transferring data to a label’s display takes seconds. Experience a speed and convenience with your price labels that you never thought possible. Finally, the otherwise so hated, because time-consuming price changes have lost their horror. Likewise, subsequently noticed errors in the price marking are corrected in an instant without a trace.

The digital simplicity

The matizze software and hardware is self-explanatory and intuitive to use even for users with rather basic PC knowledge. The technical requirements and system prerequisites are pleasantly low-threshold. The manufacturer of your router does not matter. The main thing is that you have Internet access. You connect your router to the matizze gateway via LAN cable. You may have to adjust the firewall to the new connection to the matizze server. You can also download the mobile matizze app to your smartphone from the Google Playstore and the App Store.

See for yourself: matizze is indeed a revolution in pricing.

Promoting sustainability: using matizze

The digital display technology simplifies your everyday work enormously. Convenient and simple handling and rapid implementation of the desired results save time and therefore money. Another plus: The ESL system conserves resources by reducing material consumption. By choosing to digitize the retail trade, you are also choosing greater sustainability.

What are you waiting for?

Don’t stress anymore! For simple price changes, rely on a fast and easy-to-use ESL system like matizze. This leaves you enough room for your core business even with extensive, multiple VAT changes within a short period of time.
This is how a new era in pricing begins for you, your company and your employees.

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