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matizze. Your digital signage

Combine the advantages of paper presentations with the potential of digital processes.

Not only presentations of goods and offers can be enormously reduced in terms of time and costs and made much more flexible. Automated processes create space and time for more important tasks than printing and manually replacing various paper signage.

Electronic shelf labeling (ESL) paves the way to a digitized and customer-centric future.

For all industries that love the future


By using digital merchandise or price tags, retail companies gain more flexibility, productivity and precision. The simple and centralized control of all displays in the store runs in real time or scheduled. Individually or globally, the desired information can be created or modified at the touch of a button and presented on the desired display on the shelf within seconds.


Digital signage is suitable in the hotel industry for reception, bar, restaurant, rooms and other areas of the house, such as wellness. Important information can be published quickly and easily. Centrally controlled, without much effort and exactly at the right time.


Restaurants use digital displays on tables to draw attention to reservations and present seasonal or daily specials. Important information can be published quickly and easily. Centrally controlled, without much effort and exactly at the right time.

Office and room management

Especially in industries with changing room and space usage, flexible and networked signage offers significant added value by eliminating time-consuming and error-prone work steps. A booking received or entered in the system is immediately checked by the system for overlaps, assigned to a room that meets the specifications and saved. Changes or information can be added in real time.

Using digital display technology efficiently

  • Save costs – Reduction of material and time input
  • Eliminate sources of error – Automated processes avoid mistakes
  • Central data management facilitates information flow
  • Flexible presentation – Free placement of displays (without cables)
  • Work independent of location – Cloud-based access from anywhere
  • Easy handling – Rapid familiarization with the functionality
  • Fast results – Change display presentations in a matter of seconds
  • Conserve resources – Reduce paper consumption for greater sustainability
  • Attractive and individual design – Modern and changeable

matizze is boundless, modern and simple.

Visually convincing

Digital labels have excellent contrast. Different viewing angles or direct sunlight have no influence on the visibility of the images.
Since the electronic displays look like paper, they are more gentle on the eye than a screen.

Realize ideas

In the you have a wide range of ready-made templates at your disposal, which you can edit according to your requirements. Of course you can also be creative and create your own template.

Being independent

The matizze ESL solution can integrate and control displays from other manufacturers and brands in addition to those available from us.
With our matizze system you are completely free in the use of different signage variants.

Cloud solution

matizze is a cloud-based ESL system that offers you a lot of independence. The gateway is simply plugged into the network and automatically connects to the matizze server. You can then create templates online, retrieve them and transfer them wirelessly to the display within seconds.

Mobile App

The matizze app can be downloaded free of charge from the Appstore or GooglePlay. To use the mobile app, you need an appropriate end device and a user account, which you create in the app. Your gateways and displays can be easily managed and configured with the app.

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Web App

The WebApp can be accessed in any internet browser via To be able to fully use the functions, create a user account.

Get started

App use for display management

All you need to get started with matizze is at least one app solution (Android / Apple mobile device or computer).

In addition, of course, you need a gateway and displays including stands or mounts. All this is available in the

Startpaket mit digitalen Displays